It seemed like such a great idea

what not to like?

a garden

two lovebirds

i just set the mood and press play


And yeah, ups and downs

need to get tough sometimes

and the numbers begat             and begat

but all manageable

kind of what i wasn’t born

to do


Even playing off the other flavours

(and the ravers)

and no I can’t deny i got a buzz

from seeing my guys forge ahead

crosses and towers             horses and swords

cloaks and daggers             black books


Sure there was a point where I got a bit freaked

when they made with the actual chains on their brothers

that wasn’t part of any plan, i

thought i’d given them options

thought i’d given them             management solutions

but they were off, fuck it, no holds barred


I had a few guys, and the proles took their side

and they stopped the worst of it

for a while, but not before they’d

sucked the life from the children of Eden

to kickstart the last of days


And now it’s seriously beyond.


My inbox is a mountain of trash

i can’t even answer the bloody apostles: i’ll grant that they

set it up well

plenty of wiggle room

but that Aussie camper’s right

people hold me to blame,

and i can’t get off the hook

you should see my facebook – except you can’t cos

i’m friends with everyone

and no-one


Sometimes I think only bright eyes got it right

and i wish i could just unpick it, or slip away

just slip away…


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