I am blessed with a never-ending stream

of soppiness which when taken to extremes

comes out as rage or something quite obscene

and the pen with which I write can’t keep up steam

and I am still the Y in My Team

and I am still the U in recluse

and I hope that I can be of some use


I hear the pig joke that he’s a lesbian

as he’s angling for a glimpse of her tits

I’ve heard worse from the lips of investors

but they don’t know the half of it


For I am out as a girl who likes girls

though she’s not blind to the beauty of the lads

and likes to climb trees and stuff like that

and I am out as an ego who would be so proud to serve

but only if it’s still before the mast


I am cursed with a never ending stream

which is why I always keep a bamboo cup

I’d like to sing but I get a little hoarse

and I only need a kiss to shut me up

just another kiss to shut me up…


1st September 2019 to JSP, who gets me – and takes me


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