Put this up as a resource if you feel spun at by news analysis. Note that the % of the population registered to vote is not directly meaningful as this figure includes children – so in a way it’s as much an index of how many adults there are as it is of how many people bother to register, or are afraid to register. Interested to hear your comments and analysis in due course (images are snips from Wikipedia – big thanks; population figures from ONS)

registered electorate 43.9 million; population 58.24m – 75% registered
registered electorate 44.3m; population 59m – 75% registered
registered electorate 44.2m; population 60.2m – 73% registered
registered electorate 45.6m; population 62.51m – 73% registered
registered electorate 46.3m; population 64.85m – 71% registered
registered electorate – for local elections – not known but UK general approx 45m
registered electorate 46.8m; population 65.84m – 71% registered
registered electorate 47.6m ; population 66.65m – 71% registered.
SO even after 2 years of being crucified by media and right, Corbyn got more people out than anyone since Blair’s second election. And Blair still had Scottish support, and didn’t have to carry the weight of Brexit. Figures from Wikipedia, and ONS for population.


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