In the kingdom of the unkind

young men get up on the stage

they’ve been doing what makes them blind

they will fly into a rage, at

anyone who’s left the room,

anyone who can’t keep up, or

who doesn’t know the tune

And they’ll tell you that they’re scared

to walk down your mother’s street

and that whatever they think you are

that is what you’ll always be

They’ve been lifted into place

on the bones of the welfare state

so say hi to the master race

as u watch them masturbate

there’s no self-deprecating comment

that does not end in vomit

and just when you think it’s too vile

they’ll throw in the paedophiles

They’ve been independently schooled

but they will always be in debt

to the things their daddy stole

and I would say forgive them lord

at the drop of my flat cap

if they could hear a word

above the sound of one hand clap